Nivretta Thatra

Say Aaaaah 

I ask you to open your mouth to count the
universes tucked inside, sister galaxies to the
ones that appear at the bottom of my tote bag
whenever children are around. A boy steals
butter in a fable my grandma used to tell me
and when his mother Yashoda asks him to
confess to his prank, he opens to reveal the
planets orbiting inside his infinite mouth, he
opens up his real self as everything. The butter
thief, so innocent he glows the blue of a
cloudless sky, is Krishna, deity with one
thousand names, aptly given because how do
you name or gender or approach the objectless
infinite? Chanting towards one thousand, we
try. Unless you can oscillate faster than a
spinning coin, an impossibility is to be
mother and child both in the same instance.
In the spirit of enumeration, then, let me be
your asker. Let yourself contain abundance—
dimpled mounds of butter, one million

Nivretta Thatra is a neuroscientist, an editor, and a writer who counts molars with Emilie. Thank you, Em. Nivretta’s work appears in The Ubyssey, Shrapnel Magazine, and Ekphrastic Review.  |  | on twitter @thatniv

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