Samari Zysk

Hidden Children

an amber world of beginning // desire nestles between my ribs // familiar // and I swallow myself

this mouth is // not // a mouth, but an orange // always peeling, unraveling // bright spiral skins fall over each other // everywhere I touch

lick your wounds, hidden child // and I’ll tell you a secret: // I have none // I am hidden but as soon // as you know that // I am not hidden anymore // everything I am is written everywhere // sorry about that

golden wishes hold my skin // together // press your ear against mine // and maybe we can tie // our truths together // a golden wound // raw with wishes // healing

seeds spill and who knows // if they’ll grow // the tongue is ripe // it wants to taste the sky

which is it? to lift soft eyes // and find they’re heavy // with something wet // or let the ocean behind // your eyelids drown // you?

hidden children // see only each other // and the sun sleeps in amber rain // as we hold our hands

Samari Zysk is a queer Jewish writer who lives in Olympia, Washington. They are currently earning their Bachelors degree at The Evergreen State College, where they’re also a Peer Writing Tutor. You can almost always find them picking flowers, writing with an ultra-fine tip pen, or doing other gay things.

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