Two Poems by David Ly

Green Man

I once heard to walk in the direction moss grows
on boulders and trees to reach civilization,
to reach home. But I’m pretty sure we’ve been
lost in these woods far longer than I want to admit.
If we keep walking forever, I’ll know not to trust moss
to lead us anymore. Will you still want to follow
once moss begins growing on me?


Boy with a Decision

Crying and clawing
at your wings to rip them out.
What are you more afraid of—
that you have never been
this sure about anything before,
or how small the world will be
when you can no longer fly?

David Ly is the author of the chapbook Stubble Burn (2018) and the poetry collection Mythical Man (2020). His poetry has also appeared in PRISM internationalcarte blancheThe MaynardPulp LiteratureThe /tƐmz/ Review, and others. David has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, and he has been long- and short-listed for the Thomas Morton Memorial Prize in Literary Excellence and the Magpie Award for Poetry, respectively. He is the Poetry Editor of This Magazine, and he is part of the Editorial Collective of Anstruther Press. Twitter: @dlylyly.

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