Noah Farberman


I’m fighting this title
Its got two fists and it’s using them
My friend says to kill it
Cut it out, no contest, hollow victory
no bruises, or, as they say
Battle Trophies
If we fight we fight according to me
Its got fists
I’ve got
a big knife
Paste its face on the sidewalk but not
too far onto the street
we can’t afford
a crash

Bio: Noah Farberman is a Toronto writer and comedian. Noah has performed in Toronto Sketchfest with his duo Bad Tattoo and has had his short films screen in festivals across Canada and the United States. Noah is one of three winners of the Yolk Literary Flash-Fried Contest and has been published by The Online Journal of Thought and Perspective (both forthcoming). Currently Noah studies Creative Writing at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus.

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