Tianna G. Hansen


like the revontulet fox fire in the northern sky
I dance, sparks rising from my paws as I run.

lightning without thunder, burning romantic
flames across the clouds. if I disappear into

darkest night, I will rise again, brilliant
beyond your wildest dreams. I am a creature

who belongs chasing constellations & stars
the evanescence of my being is a discovery.

you may think I disappear, but I shift skins,
become something fiercer than you first

thought I could be. this fur envelopes me
in soft touch, excites me. hybrid soul

of legend & folk tales, existing beyond belief.
I sigh a final breath from convulsing lungs

my body spread across the night sky in cascading
stars, twinkling their infinite brilliance.

your children’s children will look up & see
me chasing my tail, my grinning fangs

winking. they will follow my lead into
the hungry forest, become lost to you

forever, the way I have been.
the way I always will be.


Tianna G. Hansen has always been a poet at heart, though she has studied fiction and dabbled in creative nonfiction. In human form she runs Rhythm & Bones Press (rhythmnbone.com), giving space to those with trauma to be turned to art. Find more of her work at creativetianna.com or follow her and more of her wolf writings on Twitter @tiannag92.

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