Three Poems by Jowell Tan


these dreams at the edge of my
memory, dimly lit and hazy
undetailed and uneasily

a sharp recollection –
minor details and major scenes
the most important parts of the dream;

like a passing wind the thoughts recede
retreat to its forgotten corners;
leaving me unsure if it was real
or a figment conjured whilst i slept.

Acheron, The In-Between River

like Jesus i walk
light-footed onto water. each step
is a memory. below the waves i see myself
across decades. still lifes chosen from
history as exhibition pieces.

my tongue rolls about
a coin. payment
for passage.
on the shore, the
ferryman patiently waits.

did you find what you needed?
a slow boat to heaven.

[Digital Window]

The television
Speaks out loud; sends messages
For us to decode.

Born, bred, and based in Singapore, Jowell Tan writes prose & poetry after hours for fun and emotional release. His nights consist of writing, rewriting, watching Youtube videos to avoid writing, and finally, writing again. Please say hello to him on Twitter / Instagram at @jwlltn.

He thanks you for your time.

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