Auden Eagerton

A Sea of Bodies

Every morning I go down to the docks,
hoping to catch something alive.
I don’t know what it is,
but when I stick my net in the water
I am always too late.
Later I realize they all have
my mother’s eyes.


On our second birthday, you discovered fire
fingertips learning before you had the words
to kiss the blisters and wait for the day flames love you.
Now I pinch the wicks and we are more wishboned,

hairline fractures gone tectonic.
You spun me from the yarn of you,
forged not in a womb but in the lie
that the combustion had turned to warmth,
as if new wallpaper excuses the ash.

You are bellows, I am siren.
One day the crime of my emergence
will be the hymn in your lungs.

Auden Eagerton is a non-binary poet located in Kennesaw, Georgia. They received a Bachelor of Arts in English at Kennesaw State University, and will pursue their MFA in Creative Writing at Georgia College and State University beginning in August 2020. Their work has been featured in Exhume Literary Journal, LandLocked Magazine, Across the Margin, DASH Literary Journal, The Bookends Review, Digging Through the Fat/Digging Press, Feral: A Journal of Art and Poetry, and Mineral Lit Mag.

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