Two Poems by Lauren Aspery


Photo albums

hide in attics and bottom drawers,
gathering dust and filled with flies
from days gone by
since they were shot, snapped and
stowed away,
ready to remind us of where we went,
what we wore
and who we were.

A Chance Meeting with Edgar Allan Poe, or An Ode to the Poe Toaster

Baltimore Maryland
it was 1849
as Summer turned to Autumn
the light became dark
the leaves fell and so did the rain
a quiet street and slippery cobbles
a man approaches
stumbling and slurring
delusion and hysteria behind his dying eyes
unkempt and dirty 
saturated with alcohol
with tears and rain
the feathers of his hair raven black
his face ghost white
a phantom
drowned by cruel words and sorrow

Lauren Aspery is a postgraduate English Literature student from Middlesbrough, England, and is currently researching late twentieth-century British children’s poetry at Newcastle University. She is a two-time winner of the Terry Kelly Poetry Prize and has since become the prize’s coordinator. She has poetry published and forthcoming in Nightingale & Sparrow, Fragmented Voices, Slice of the Moon Books and elsewhere, and was named the poet-in-residence commendation at Chester Cathedral’s 2020 Young People’s Poetry Competition.

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