Two Poems by Henry Brown

the ostrich

is it great to
swim through your skin
trace brittle bone
rush to resculpt
faintest patterns
on new scaffolds?

is it greater to
prick one needle in
jolt with icy shudder
through quick shiver sweat
grimace wonder what
was that all about?

is it greater still to
bury head try to glimpse
like an ostrich in sand
with one regret lingering:
none with heads above surface
can ever see what i see


beneath clouds blocking stars and streetside trees
from the corner, faint electric buzzing
flicker of streetlight beam uncontested
fills new form warping in puddle water
deep, settled in road by yesterday’s rain:

i saw your face clear there in the warped light
for only a second then turned corner
think i need to stop staring at puddles

Henry Brown is a writer and third-year Religion major/Spanish minor at Carleton College, where he organizes with the Democratic Socialists of America. He co-edits Dreams Walking, a new poetry, photography, and flash fiction webzine. His writing has recently appeared in publications including Amethyst Review, Kingdoms in the Wild,After the Pause, and Isacoustic, and he has a poem upcoming in Neologism. His photography has appeared in Barren.

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