Jiksun Cheung

When The Landslide Passes Us By

Ambling like
Chinese prayer boxes
Brake, start, brake, start,
Red tail lights in procession
Under a rain-lashed sky, down
Detritus-clogged mountainside,
Along typhoon-swollen artery;
We approach the bottleneck:
An inconvenient, unwanted,
Unwelcome, unfortunately
Collapsed earth.

Move along,
Move along,
Move along now—

Waves the man with the stick.
Unforeseen disruption, an act of god,
Force majeure framed
By the little glass pane, as we brake
Start, brake, start, brake;
The destruction passes us by,
And then my foot lingers on the narrow pedal a fraction too long for I have places to be and people to meet and a life to live and want not to think of putrid crumbling rock beneath the road.

Jiksun Cheung is a brand strategist and a postcard designer. He and his wife share their home in Hong Kong with two boisterous toddlers and enough playdough to last a lifetime. His work appears in SmokeLong Quarterly, Flash Fiction Magazine, The Daily Drunk, and others. His story “Cupola” was a finalist for the SmokeLong Quarterly 2020 Award for Flash Fiction. Find him at @JiksunCheung and jiksun.com.

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