Two Poems by Laura Jayne


after Dorothea Tanning

A swallowed tongue
savouring its velvet
we furl soft
in secret architecture
lapping our gentle offering
our wetness cast in crepe.

It came as an unclasping
a foaming swell
to meet an ambering touch
our embered limbs
gesturing the collapse.

A body unsoftening
stained in crushed
limbs outstretched
to meet a honeyed touch.

A wing in its unfolding
we slip as wisps
into the silt.

Wild Swimming

unshaped sliver
brushing sedge meadowsweet
I slip my fingers between each
weave their limbs in my outstretching
brush their bowed heads
in appeasement

the cleavers seek me out
sticky and softening
set their seeds inside
the furrow of my palm
fold them back and they defer
resin seeping underfoot

honeyed with them
I reach the bank
creep in –
a drip
a rivulet pulled
into a fuller swell
skin holding close an
annointed orange warmth.

chest deep
hands flush with the surface
fingers spread against the
kinship warmth the river holds
in its palm
furrowed soft reaching

again and again and
over my chest deep with
orange warmth
with eyes closed with a rasping
for the wet a wet longing a
seed adrift in a rivulet a
furrow a drip of honey a head
under –

Laura Jayne‘s poetry navigates relationships between nature and the queer body. Her poems appeared in Cadaverine Magazine and Scribe Magazine, and she has produced a number of poetry events at venues across London, including Rich Mix and VAULT Festival. In 2020, Laura was a guest on The Poetry Exchange podcast, discussing her personal relationship to the poetry of Anne Sexton. Laura holds a BA in English Literature from the University of Leeds.

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