Two Poems by Miriam Gauntlett


what is the word
for when an image
looks more real and
distinct than the scene
it’s reflecting?

desire, maybe.

on the brick wall
the last of the sunlight casts
shadows and the future
plays out in black and ochre

there’s no risk you wouldn’t take.

survival is my name

after Ross Gay

In the early hours I returned
to the river I used to frequent,
those long dark days ago.
Two magpies hopped across
the path & two suns rose,
one in the smooth water &
one in the clear dawn sky,
& with abrupt clarity I realised
it had once seemed unlikely
that I would rise to see the
dappled light on the river –

but now I know that I will do it
again, & again, & again. a small
& tenacious miracle. I know.
my colours are green & yellow & purple
& all the hues in between. I’m joy.

Miriam Gauntlett studies, works & writes in London. She has previously been published in Porridge Magazine and Dear Damsels. Her interests include found families, communism, hiking & tweeting @miriaaaaamg.

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