Yusuf Akman

Like Someone in Love

so much for banking on
what’s taken for granted –
floating at the bed of a deflowered giant mussel,
the foam-tinged slut’s wool
occupying the corners of my emptiness;
I wet my moss-coated lips
in the remnants of your salt –

to be the same boy
who used to spread his legs
to be tidal
and feeling your withdrawal,
while listening to “Blonde” by Frank –
o/shhhhhhh/n –

a wave
in my head –

then I recall the cursed early morning
heavy with silvery spring
there the clouds tricked our eyes
and we laughed, and we laughed like fools
with the quiver at the tip of our noses,
sun-kissed screens under our lids
mistaking a disaster
with what it is not –

in my stomach –

Amphitrite (my trident):
hold my hair back
while I’m bringing him back
out of this maelstrom.

Yusuf Akman was born in Denizli, Turkey. They are a senior philosophy student at Boğaziçi University whose literary focus revolves around what having a queer identity in Turkey is like. Their works appeared in the online journals Trampset, Raised Brow Press and Resurrection Magazine. Twitter: @Akman_Yusuf_

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