A Poem by Paul Chuks

Let Me Show You How To Grieve

After reading Praise Osawaru.

Get into your room/
Pale its light into darkness till it’s another evening in the medieval period/
Sit on anywhere bed chair floor.

Stroll into your memory – where fossils of your loved ones come handy/
Your mother slept & made history’s longest slumber/
Your sister died from a sanguine gas attack/
Their shadows now lurk around the walls of your memory like the seven planets does around the

Launch your voice at them/
Permit yourself to believe they can hear you/
Tell them the world dropped on your shoulders the moment they followed the grim reaper & say that
your bones now suffer osteoporosis/
Give them seven days ultimatum to squander in absentia & pierce back into
the cosmic curtain to prepare that sweet soup one more time.

Stroll back into reality[your room]/
Cry, knowing it’s not possible. Cry. Wail. Weep. Slap the wall. Cry. Wipe
your left cheek. Cry.

Paul Chuks (He/Him)is a Nigerian poet, writer and song writer studying at the University of Benin, Edo state, Nigeria. He has appeared or is forthcoming in streetcakemag, kalaharireview, Logicneuro, Afritondo, Tralitmag and was recently shortlisted for The49thstreet’s top ten poets in Nigeria. When Chuks is not reading or writing(songs), he’s criticising the hiphop game or he’s mimicking Michael Jackson.

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