Deborah Akubudike



Black crows singing symphonies/on poison oak trees under Autumn’s orange eyes/blending into a monochrome rainbow of heartfelt melody/reminds me of Papa’s lullaby that stuck to his tongue/


Pearls of sweat rolling down ice/Fall’s fallen the strands of glory on the empty head that lies still/cold becomes a reason to tell a story at the dimly lit living room with a dying fireplace/while watching Mama crotchet a blanket for already frozen body/hoping it melts autumn to spring/and brings back the crows of broken voices on blossoming trees/


Aching years have gone by and so have my voice/from screaming to find a silent tune that matches Papa’s unfinished lullaby/red flames from the black oak that turned poisoned/have engulfed the very last rhythm on my paralyzed beak/I sing tiredly/a distraught acapella echoing in thin sheets of air/refusing to fade/


It hurts yea/to forget the melody I was made from/yet ringing my voice loud emptily in dead silence/


Deborah Akubudike is a poet and songwriter with a wide view of the world from her solitary writing space. Her works have been featured in “The Maiden’s Anthology”, her poem “Another Chance” in “The Writer’s Pen Magazine (TWPM)” with theme “Break the Stigma”; still her journey continues as to find a nest for her poems to lay.

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