Jacqueline Brown

Parallel Slippers

After Succession’s Season I, Episode II — For Jesse Armstrong and Dad

Marcia asked Greg for the slippers // I went to the department store
Blue checked // Heavy soled brown velvet
They would be in the apartment // The salesman wrapped them/For Father’s Day
Can you put them in there? // You proudly told the nurses your daughter bought them for you
Shiv didn’t want to talk about it // I cried in the elevator


Great, get in there and operate, Dr. Google // I’m at the hospital, they’re working on your father
Roman asked for a worn sweater // I still wonder if I knew somehow as I wrapped myself in
yours —

Logan went home
While I got your slippers back in a bag

Jacqueline Brown is an Irish-American studying at the University of Pennsylvania. Her work has previously appeared or is forthcoming in Placing Poems, The Madrigal, the debut issues of Friday Nights Forever, Prickly Pear Magazine, Truffle Magazine, and The Initial Journal, and elsewhere.

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