Joshua Effiong

Schooling my heart the profit of sustaining my existence

we affirm that the mind is a museum
of our past but what do we say of
our bodies? a fleshy compartment with

hemoglobin of memories embedded in
its bone marrows. how do you sponge
your spirit off the weight of your thoughts.

i make of my skin a notepad, scribbling times
when yesterday stained today with things
that make my breath plastic. God knows how

much I love stains. the purgency deflowering
the pride of beauty, fingering the strings of
impurities to birth a tune that arouses the

ashes of decay. darling, place a stethoscope
on my chest & listen to the music choired
eloquently by the rhythmical contraction &

relaxation of my sad heart. this black boy is
cactus in a desert of colours. God knows how
much he loves stains, but not its glorified end.

i school my heart the profits of sustaining my
existence even when these pacemakers give up.

Joshua Effiong is Nigerian by birth and is studying Science Laboratory Technology at University of Calabar. He is a lover of poetry & here he finds freedom. His works has appeared/forthcoming in Eboquills, Kalahari Review, Shallow Tales Review, Rough Cut Press, Madrigal Press, Warning lines, Hearth Magazine, Mausoleum Press etc. Author of Autopsy of Things Left Unnamed. He also find joy in photography and reading. Connect with him via Instagram @josh.effiong and twitter @JoshEffiong